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Garmin`s Five New Luxury MARQ Smartwatches Cost $1,500 And Up
id=\"article-body\" class=\"row\" section=\"article-body\"> Garmin I don`t spend $1,500 on watches, but there are many who do. Garmin`s latest line of specialized watches look like they`re designed for high-end boutiques, rather than your local running gear store. The newly-announced MARQ line of \"tool watches\" seem pretty interesting-looking. They`re also pretty expensive.
Garmin`s line of GPS smartwatches previously cracked the $900 barrier with a luxury Fenix running watch, but the MARQ series costs between $1,500 and $2,500, shooting above even the price of watches such as the Wear OS Montblanc Summit 2 (a mere $995 in comparison) and matching the $1,600 Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch.
The MARQ series, according to Garmin, is all about offering specific feature sets in unique luxury models, like top-end watches. It`s an interesting approach. All five watches have features that are intended for a particular purpose (hence the \"tool watch.\") They seem thoughtfully designed with features similar to what you`d find on high-end watches: The complications are tuned to real, useful functions, as opposed to a more generic fitness watch approach.
Five watches, though! It`s a lot to digest. Here`s a rundown, based on Garmin`s press information.
The Garmin Aviator.
Garm The MARQ Aviator has aviation maps, plus \"Nexrad Weather Radar, airport information and Garmin cockpit integration.\"
The MARQ Driver, with a titanium and silicone band, comes loaded with maps for 250 famous race tracks. It has \"auto lap splits, live delta time and a track timer.\"
The MARQ Captain, a nautical watch, has a regatta timer bezel, shows wind speed, tide and temperature. It also comes with a port conditions watch face, can show coastal charts and can aid in tack assist.
The MARQ Expedition connects with Garmin`s separately sold satellite communicator, InReach Mini, plus \"TOPO mapping, a built-in altimeter, barometer and compass, plus ClimbPro, which provides real-time information on current and upcoming climbs such as gradient, distance and elevation gain.\"
The MARQ Athlete is the closest to Garmin`s other fitness watches, with VO2 Max readouts and recovery on the watch face, \"running dynamics,\" and pulse oximetry readings.
Garmin promises 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, ( 28 hours when using GPS and 48 hours in a more battery-saving UltraTrac GPS mode. All the watches are made of titanium with sapphire crystal and ceramic bezels. They have always-on displays, GPS, music playback, heart rate and pulse oximetry, like Garmin`s recent fitness smartwatches.
Did there need to be five? Could there have just been one that did all of these things? How do you choose which super-expensive luxury smartwatch to get? I have no idea, because I haven`t worn one yet.
The watches will be available in Q2, meaning they`re likely arriving soon.
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