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FileMaker Pro; AutoTag; Synchronize Pro; File Hider; More
id=\"article-body\" class=\"row\" section=\"article-body\"> FileMaker Pro 6.0v4 is a database application. In the new release, HTTP requests sent during an XML import can include passwords or other sensitive data.
AutoTagX 2.6 is a drag and drop MP3 file tagging tool. The latest release allows you to tag compilations, putting each of the various artists into their respective tracks.
Synchronize! Pro X 1.2.7 makes bootable system backups and syncs files. The new version fixes a problem which can affect booting of backups made with Dual G4 Macs.
Eudora vCard Export 1.2.3 is a tool to convert Eudora nicknames to vCards. The new release fixes a problem where some characters (e.g., - post to a company blog - accented letters) of a contact`s name would not show up when the resulting vCards were transferred to an iPod.
File Hider X 2.1.1 is a utility to hide selected files and folders.
DMG Tool 3.0.1 quickly creates compressed disk images. The new version fixes user canceled error messages.
MkLinux Floppy Driver 0.96j is a diver for built in floppy drives. The new release may improve support for some faster machines, and includes improved performance.
Iomega NAS update is for network attached storage units. The new release includes an updated OS Patch and Discovery Admin Tool available for NAS P400m 160GB, P405m 320GB, P410m 480GB configurations.
Fetch 4.0.3 is an FTP client. This version includes dozens of bug fixes in such areas as Jaguar compatibility, AppleScript support, Kerberos, and working through SOCKS gateways.
Iconeer X 1.3.1 is a tool to create Classic and OS X icons. The latest release has a new Window menu.
NetClipper 1.1.3 allows one clipboard to be shared by multiple computers. The new release has a properly functionng bug report feature.
FileMaker Pro 6.0v4
AutoTagX 2.6
Synchronize! Pro X 1.2.7
Eudora vCard Export 1.2.3
File Hider X 2.1.1
DMG Tool 3.0.1
MkLinux Floppy Driver 0.96...
Iomega NAS update
Fetch 4.0.3
Iconeer X 1.3.1
NetClipper 1.1.3
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