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Erotic Turkish Celebrities - Aylin Berkay`s Sexuality Secret
Aylin Berkay exhibited three distinguishing physical characteristics in every of the 12 films she made -- whether or not she was acting inside a comedic role (as in Oooh Oh! opposite Aydemir Akbas and Kamer Baba [real name: Kamer Sadik]) or in an even more serious role (such as Esmerin Adi Sarisinin Tadi with Tarik Simsek and Zerrin Dogan).
Think about strike your skills when Aylin Hanim appears on the watch`s screen is her great long mane of bright blond hair -- which (like a budding poet once wrote) was \"not to match what mats there down.\"
Later, when the plot requires a less fully clothed Aylin, you observe her second physical characteristic -- a boyish chest muscles.
So when Aylin Hanim flashes her trademark appearance of \"Astonished Innocence\" on-screen, thereby exhibiting her third physical characteristic, it might seem you had been within the presence of the first Dumb Blonde female.
But would certainly be wrong.
Because Aylin was originally a man, named Ali -- who served his mandatory military duty honorably, as a member in good standing with the Turkish Army`s Military Marching Band.
Exactly when Ali Berkay (or possibly Ali Saraç) had `the op` and adjusted to Aylin Berkay isn`t recorded.
But after making films like Oooh Oh! and Beyoglu Piliçleri (Beyoglu Chicks) being a woman, she quit making movies entirely after 1979 -- and reinvented herself
as a stage singer and recording artist, under the name Serbülent Sultan.
Other notable transsexual Turkish performers of stage and screen include: Emel Aydan (whose male name was Erdogan Kasif -- and who had a nightclub striptease act in Milan, performing as of Rita Santiago), Tijen Erman (aka Christian Carol), sex Derya Sonay, and Ahenk Dalgalideniz.
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