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Kid-friendly JuniorJams Headphones Make Music Sharing Easy
class=\"cnetReview row\" section=\"\"> Shop for Puro Sound JuniorJams
See all prices $150 at Amazon At first glance, the new JuniorJams don`t seem too different from the BT2200, Puro Sound`s last set of wireless Bluetooth headphones designed for younger ears. Like those earlier headphones, the JuniorJams retain the 85-decibel volume output limitation, so it`s all but impossible for kids to crank their music to dangerous levels. The new models also up the battery life to 22 hours (from the BT2200`s 18). 
Additionally, the JuniorJams offer what Puro calls \"daisy-chain music sharing.\" Tether two JuniorJams together with an included USB cable, and two people can listen to the same wireless (or wired) music source. We tried it, and worked like a charm. The 42-inch cable length will make for close quarters during mutual listening, but in the expected environment -- say, the backseat of a car -- that`s probably the situation anyway.
While the JuniorJams are sized for kids` heads, the expandable headband lets them work for adult noggins too (albeit somewhat snugly). The earcups fold flat for easy travel in the included hard case, too.
Best of all, the Junior Jams are affordable, at least as far as name brand Bluetooth headphones are concerned. They retail for $80, though they`re currently discounted to $70 on Amazon, where they`re immediately available in five colors. They`ll hit Amazon UK next week for £70. Aussie listeners will find them for AU$105 in early 2018. 
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