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Invicta DNA Urban Silver Sunray Mens Watch Unique Performance, Distinct Style
The Invicta DNA Urban Silver Men`s Watch is one of the creations the brand can be proud of and it is uniquely qualified to be labelled as one of the best.
Among the makers of high-quality watches, Invicta is a brand that stands out on its own merits. Invicta`s commitment towards maintaining an overall quality, top notch performance and an impeccable craftsmanship sets the brand among the upper echelons of affordable luxury.
The DNA collection from Invicta marks the brand`s love for precision and craftsmanship, which reflects from the Urban. The flare and style of the DNA Urban is both unique and impressive and features a Swiss quartz calibre 331/103 movement that ensures a precise, fail-proof time keeping as long as the battery is alive. It is from the ISASWISS brand and is a fully Swiss Made movement, created at the ISASWISS Les Brenets facilities. The DNA Urban`s other components - the mineral crystal, the stainless steel and the silicone - speak of quality without being loud about it.
You can take the Invicta DNA Urban Silver Men`s Watch to recreational water sports and activities, but not serious diving. Snorkelling, swimming or soaking in a hot tub are not going to create any problem.
It`s the look and the style of the Invicta Men`s Watch is what sets the DNA Urban a step above the rest of the analogue quartz watches. Its contrasting appearance in gunmetal grey, white and matte black looks incredibly sober, serious and impressive. For quality, affordability and style, it is hard to beat the Invicta Men`s Watch. The prime reason behind is that it has a lot of things going on inside!
The Invicta Aviator Urban Silver Sunray Dial 10407 Men`s Watch is a sleek piece that`s very well built, extremely durable and sits tight on the wrist without causing any kind of discomfort. It is not the type that comes with a lot of bells and whistles and croak when the real tests arrive; Invicta`s simple take on the Urban`s design gives you the confidence of wearing it at will everywhere you like except for strictly formal settings. But it does make a good choice for Friday dressings with its simple, understated elegance. The hands being brightly luminescent, night viewing never becomes an issue.
The Invicta Aviator Chronograph Silver Sunray Dial 10407 Men`s Watch can thus be regarded as one of the superior mixes of mechanics with materials, with an incredible wrist presence. It looks pretty much futuristic and has a distinct sporty edge to it, which makes it appear fresh and intriguing even after years of use.
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