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Diesel Rasp Timeframes Quartz Dz1806 Mens Watch
Bottom line: Diesel, one of the fashion industry legends remains ahead of the trends with the Diesel Rasp Timeframes Quartz DZ1806 Men`s Watch this time. The Diesel Rasp Men`s Watch is one of the most renowned and popular watch in Diesel`s urban-style category. An ultimate expression of contemporary, urban and utilitarian style, Diesel proves it once again through its line of Rasp Timeframes. The Diesel Rasp Men`s Watch is a design evolution in machine-knurled and polished stainless-steel; its brushed silver case and bright red silicone strap creating the kind of contrast that immediately catches the eyes without hurting them. Overall, a great piece if you are looking for a zero-maintenance, go-to watch that never fails to impress; either its wearer or an onlooker.
Let the intricately-designed, asymmetric dial of the Diesel Rasp Men`s Watch shine up your wrist! Suitable for use anywhere except the space above and under the deep sea, the Rasp timeframe is built to keep your company through every walk of life.
The Diesel Rasp Men`s Watch is meant for the daily city life as well as for periods of light recreation on land, in water and air. The only place its reach is limited is in the waters; it is recommended not to take it beyond a depth of 150 feet, which makes it suitable for swimming, snorkeling and recreational SCUBA!
Recreational diving depths are allowed to a max of 130 feet to keep safe from oxygen toxicity and nitrogen narcosis, the latter being more dangerous. You want to dive beyond that; you`ll need specialized skills and equipment. Then you don`t wear the Diesel Rasp Men`s Watch.
The ion plating on the case of the Men`s Diesel Watches represents a highly advanced method for surface finishing that can`t be rubbed off easily. Ion plating makes the gunmetal-plating more durable, more wear resistant and also very smooth and bright.
You might ask what that gauge like mark is doing on the dial. It is sort of a crude timer, You won`t be able to see the actual time if you are using it to keep track of the time taken or remaining left of a certain event. You place the minute hand at the top after placing the seconds-hand at 12 sharp! Then you press down the crown one click and set the minute hand and the final click to let the countdown begin. There`s no high stylistic hint attached to the sense of urban culture the Diesel Quartz Watch oozes; neither any array of high-tech features. It`s just a statement of your personal style; bold, youthful and trendy!
We are here to deliver the best prices without any compromise on customer service.
Click Here For More Information : Diesel Quartz Watch And Men`s Diesel Watches
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