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Stay Comforted With TAG Heuer Watches
TAG Heuer with its huge variety of watch collections set the wearers crazy. Since its initiation in the year 1860, the brand has been creating timepieces for everyone. Assurance of high-quality and modern methods collaborate to form some spectacular wrist watches. This content displays some mind-blowing TAG Heuer that tempts and gives the ultimate luxury to the wearers.
Design is one of the significant factors about a watch. The TAG Heuer watches are composed with the hard work of skilled craftsmen of the brand. Each and every timepiece has its own image. Detailing has been done in such a way that the watch lovers remain stunned by viewing them at a glance.
Variety of straps with their appealing looks provides advantage to the appearance and worth of the watches. Applying of youthful colours add an extra amount of attractiveness to the wearer`s wrist. Moreover, these straps are made with different materials that makes them apt for different wrist types of the users.
A plethora of watch collections are available under the brand like Aquaracer, Carrera, Connected, Formula 1, Link and others.
A subtle and stylish gesture of this particular Aquaracer watch dresses a lady`s wrist with utmost perfection. The blue rubber strap and dial mingle to form an aesthetic blast. The well-decorated bezel are carved with throngs of diamonds to mirror the joyous attitude of the female wearers. The tiny push button is placed at the right side of the case. Luminous hands and markers contribute a glossy touch to the timepiece.
35mm solid stainless steel case composes the strength of the model and enables it to sustain on any situation. The flexible leather strap gently sits on her wrist to make her relaxed. Sapphire crystal keeps it scratch-resistant and anti-reflective.
Specially introduced for the stylish and funny men wearers, this extremely trendy watch from the Autavia collections carries the glorious heritage of the brand. This amazing timepiece has a solid stainless steel case that has a diameter of 42mm. Apart from it, this model has a brownish leather strap that rests on the wrist of a robust male wearer with ease and also makes him elated.
Water resistance function of this model is available within the range of 100 meters. This crucial quality keeps the piece safe from any kind of risks related to water. The sharp chronograph fathoms the pace of time in seconds, minutes and hours. Date display counter shows the current date to the wearers. This automatic watch can remain charged with the movement of your wrist. At the right side of the case, there are three time-adjusting buttons for the wearers to modify the time.
A matte-finished pattern of this TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch is reminiscent with that of a vigorous male winner. The wonderfully black and reddish textured rubber made strap is a tender one that provides your wrist with utmost repose. The blackish dial of this model is embellished with reddish 12 o`clock position that has Arabic numerals. With an astounding black rounded bezel, this watch remains free from heat caused damages.
Three push buttons are located at the right part of the case. They are used by the wearers to change the time. Three chronograph sub-dials record the speed of time in seconds, minutes and hours. A date window is located at the 4 o`clock position. This window shows the updated date to the wearers.
200 meters water resistance facility of this Formula 1 timepiece keeps it free from any type of damages caused by water. The battery-powered quartz movement is loaded to this model to keep it fully charged. This movement helps the watch in becoming accurate.
The writer of this content is a watch enthusiast who loves TAG Heuer watches . He likes to write about the amazing timepieces from the brand that can be seen at the top article-related sites.
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