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TAG Heuer Connected - Feel A Connection With Eternity
TAG Heuer is a name well known among watch enthusiasts for making splendorous timepieces. TAG Heuer has been in the timepiece making industry for 150 years. The name of the brand was changed from UhrenmanufakturHeuer AG to TAG Heuer. The brand is well known for making timepieces that are known for a higher level of performance and precision.
TAG Heuer never compromises when it comes to quality. The brand has always provided the best of quality timepieces since decades. They craft their own rules and path to walk on for manufacturing timepieces. The brand is known for bringing technology and innovation together. The brand acclaims that no matter how much the pressure will be given, your TAG Heuer timepiece would never crack. It can bear the strongest of pressure.TAG Heuer timepieces are known for luxury with technology.
TAG Heuer Connected:
The first Android Swiss watch is - TAG Heuer Connected. The most advanced launched by the brand was TAG Heuer Connected. The watch is completely an iconic timepiece. Made with modern technology and styled with sophistication, TAG Heuer Connected will woo your heart. Any man would definitely fall for buying this subtle timepiece. The brand has made the impossible, possible. The watch is completely alluring and will blow your mind completely at the first sight. It has been powered by Intel silicone.
It is a bulky and good looking timepiece. It is mega light and will give comfort to your wrist. The logo of the brand, TAG Heuer has been engraved on the crown. The finest of Android watch is - Tag Heuer Connected. The LCD display has 360*360 resolution. The dial of the timepiece can be customised according to one`s preferences. The colour of the dial can also be changed as per their wardrobe. There are live notifications on your android wear device.
TAG Heuer Connected is dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom. The beautifully designed watch will look fashionable on your wrist. There are around 8000 that work in the 1.5 inch the Android wear sdevice. The battery life of the timepiece is 410 mAh. The watch will provide you with a seamless experience with voice directions, gestures control and touch responsiveness. For charging the watch, there is a dock given. The full animation of the battery charged is displayed on the watch to keep a check on it. It has a 4GB storage capacity.The glassing of crystal sapphire provides luxurious feel.
The Swiss made label has been embossed in the dial of the timepiece. The Swiss Engineered watch will swap you off your feet. It looks like a mechanical watch. The Android smart timepiece possesses translator, maps, search engines, health tracker, [] GMT and many features like a smart phone. You can get your call notifications and reminders on your watch now with the beast TAG Heuer Connected.
TAG Heuer has been the most precious Android smartwatch with the extravagant built. The watch works like a mini smartphone which will cater all your needs of modern technology.
The author of the content has been working with TAG Heuer watches since a decade. He loves to observe each newly launched timepiece and reviews them for watch lovers.
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